The Mobile Educator: Redefining the Learning Environment

Posted by on November 14, 2015

While we often share the types of technology our students use on a daily basis, this post will focus on a few of the tools and strategizes our educators utilize to engage and facilitate learning in classrooms across NISD.

In the spring of 2015, Northwest ISD finalized the distribution of educator iPads as part of our “iPads for Educators” program. As a means to promote mobile teaching and learning, the Technology Division provided all classroom teachers in the district equipped with the tools need to teach anywhere in the classroom.

Children who are engaged with interactive technology can learn new skills even though they are unaware of this learning because they are so involved (Barone, 2012).

Specifically, teachers are utilizing Doceri to remote control their laptops and record live classroom interaction and Airserver to mirror their iPads in a way that engages all learners in the learning environment. To support teachers in the this new model, the Instructional Technology Team Developed the “Ipads for Educators” course. This online learning environment was designed to showcase the abilities of the iPad in the classroom. The content focuses on efficiency, mobility, assessment, interactive lessons, and engaging all learners. Because we realize that all educators are at different levels of comfort, this course is intended to meet varying needs. You can preview the “iPads for Educators” course by visiting

To see how iPads are redefining classrooms across Northwest ISD, please check out the video below.

Barone, D. (2012). Exploring home and school involvement of young children with web 2.0 and social media. Research in the Schools, 19(1), 1-11.