NISD Student Advocate Program

Posted by on February 18, 2016

Advocate TrainingWe often hear that we are educating the leaders of tomorrow when in reality, they have the capacity to lead today. One of the keys to accomplishing this type of shift is directly tied to giving our students the opportunity to share their voice and articulate their vision while equipping them with the skills to follow through.

In the summer of 2015, NISD hosted our inaugural Students Advocate program. During this three day academy, students were given the opportunity to develop projects, fine tune their presentation skills and take ownership in their learning. The result was far greater than we could ever have imaged. The advocates stepped up to the plate and became leaders in every sense of the word.

During the three days that we did the advocate training, we learned problem solving and teamwork skills. We were taught how to use technology effectively and efficiently and then uncovered a problem that we wanted to see fixed in the school. What made this experience different from any other training was that it actually gave you the tools and confidence to follow through with your ideas rather than just imagine what a school would look like with that problem fixed.  Since then I have been asked to be a part of multiple panels for teachers, spoken at 3 different conferences and have been working with my team towards our goal set during the summer workshop. – Cooper P., Tidwell Middle School

From a social media campaign called #nicenessispriceless that challenges students to put a positive spin on bullying to the development of an app that tracks a student’s “virtual” place in line for tech repair services and notifies them when their device is ready for pickup thus maximizing their time in class, our NISD Advocates are truly revolutionizing the role students play in the educational process.

Through the NISD Student Advocate program, we are committed to empowering our students and giving them an active voice. Ultimately, our students are the key to changing the future of education and it our responsibility to ensure they have the tools and opportunities to make their vision a reality.

My vision is to create a better learning environment by incorporating technology to get students excited about learning.  If the students aren’t excited and engaged during school, then they aren’t going to gain the necessary knowledge to be successful. – Logan M., Northwest High School

There are currently 52 active NISD Student Advocates representing 9 secondary campuses.EdLeader 21 Since this summer, Student Advocates have had the opportunity to sit on multiple district and regional panels, have been guest speakers at educational conferences, led workshops on their campuses and have worked in collaboration with district personnel to meet campus and district goals. Our students have demonstrated that they have the ability to  model, inspire and facilitate change through technology at the local school level and beyond.

If you or your secondary child is interested in applying for the NISD Student Advocate program, the application process will open in early April 2016 for those students entering 8th, 9th, and 10th grades.