ePortfolios in NISD

Posted by on April 23, 2019

As we near the end of the 2nd semester of the school year, you may notice a link to your child’s ePortfolio on his/her report card. We are excited to include this link because we believe it will provide more opportunities for you to talk to your child about the things he/she is doing in class. There are a few things that we want you to keep in mind as you and your child view and discuss their ePortfolio together.

  • Reflect Together: One of the driving forces behind using the ePortfolio is for students to reflect on goals, show their best work, and showcase what they’ve learned. Talk to your child about their work and why they selected it. Sitting with your student to see their work  may be a great conversation starter and opportunity to encourage your child!
  • Privacy: In elementary school, we encourage students to allow viewing rights for those within Northwest ISD who have been given the link to the ePortfolio. Since we are encouraging privacy, you will likely need to log in with your student to view their work. As students become more proficient on what information to share and as their audience adjusts, they will be ready to share outside of Northwest ISD. For more information, visit NISD’s privacy recommendations.
  • Digital Citizenship: While we are very proud of the work our students do in NISD, we discourage parents from sharing their child’s ePortfolio link on social media. We talk to students regularly about what information is safe to share online and the intended audience. Please continue to have these conversations at home with your child as well.
  • Non-Evaluative: The ePortfolio link is a non-evaluative reference. If you do not see the link show up on the report card, this does not mean that your student does not have an ePortfolio, it simply means that they have not uploaded the link yet. Our goal is to have a link to every student’s ePortfolio by the end of the school year!

To learn more about ePortfolios in NISD, visit eportfolios.nisdtx.org